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Event VA3XPR - DMR-MARC Worldwide Net


2017 DMR-MARC Worldwide Net

2017 DMR-MARC Worldwide Net

Thanks to Iain for the DMR+ connection and a big Thank You to the Net Control volunteers!

Thanks Jakob DK3CW great net

NCS  or Host Contacts
Ted, VE7LE
Jakob, DK3CW
Andre, VE3WZW

TinyURL was created!   WWDMRNET


TinyURL was created! WWWDMRNET

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TinyURL was created!   WWDMRNET


Mototrbo DMR Growth Trend ID on DMR-MARC

Mototrbo DMR Growth Trend ID on DMR-MARC : 21,665 USA - 1,515 CANADA - Total 49,471 World - #hamr #hamradio #dmr #hamdmr

50k - Happy 50,000



DMR-MARC WW Net Improvements include

Benefits of this blog include:
  • All information within is Google translatable into many language. (Top right)
  • All information is shared openly and transparent. 
  • Net Control Script shared for anyone to review or practice. 
  • Schedule is available to review by anyone and update by many. 
  • NCS (Net Control Station) know who is scheduled in advance. 
  • Comments, Feedback, Contact details, all available within. 
  • It allows for greater collaboration! 
  • A backup stable global voice chat is available if timeslot or c-bridge is unavailable
No (few) other blogs are translatable as of this posting date.

From many resources into this one website, this blog ;
- Google docs calendar
- PDF Script: DMR-MARC WW Net Control.PDF
- Schedule: DMR-MARC WW Net Controller
VA3XPR - http://www.va3xpr.net/dmr-marc-worldwide-net/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/dmr.ww/

DMR-MARC WW Net About and Purpose


DMR-MARC and DMRPlus to share United States and Canadian regional talkgroups

DMR-MARC and DMRPlus to share United States and Canadian regional talkgroups

The DMR-MARC team made an important announcement today regarding the sharing of talkgroups with the DMRPlus network, which was initially announced on August 7, 2016. The details of this announcement can be found below.
“Dear DMR-MARC users,
As a follow-up to our announcement in August 2016 regarding our partnership with the DMRPlus network, we have some more exciting news to share with you regarding our collaboration with the DMRPlus team.


Needed Net Controller Volunteer for the DMR-MARC Worldwide Net

Needed Net Controller Volunteers to host the DMR-MARC Worldwide Net

see the DMR-MARC WW Net Controller Schedule

Please refer to the Net Script for more detail.
WW Net Script

DMR-MARC Worldwide Net

The DMR-MARC Worldwide Net is held weekly on the DMR-MARC network and is intended as a global forum for discussing news, information and developments related to Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) and DMR-MARC. This net is open to all ham radio operators with a DMR capable radio and can be accessed via any DMR repeater that is able to be connected to the DMR-MARC Worldwide talk group.


Saturday’s @ 1700 (1600 DST) UTC. Find the time in your local timezone.


DMR-MARC Worldwide Talkgroup (TG 1). Find a nearby DMR repeater.


The DMR-MARC Worldwide Net is a directed net, whereby the Net Controller facilitates all check-ins and discussion during the net. The format of the net is as follows:
1. Commencement – Opening of the net by the Net Controller;
2. Announcements – Any stations with announcements may provide these at the beginning of the net;
3. Demonstrations – Any stations requiring a demonstration of DMR at a public event may check-in at this point;
4. ITU Region 1 Check-ins – Any stations in Europe, Africa or northern Asia;
5. ITU Region 2 Check-ins – Any stations in North America or South America;
6. ITU Region 3 Check-ins – Any stations in South Asia, Southeast Asia or Oceania.
7. Closure – Closing of the net and the return normal talkgroup traffic.


ITU Region Map

ITU Region Map
North America, Central America, South America

ITU Region Map

Region1 - Africa, UK, Europe, North Asia 
Region2 - North America, Central America, South America
Region3 - South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand