Script: DMR-MARC WW Net Control

DMR-MARC Worldwide Net Control Script

Open up the net asking for volunteers?  Before taking check-ins.

Welcome this is the DMR-MARC Worldwide Net, for today >>> date <<<,  I will be the Host and as the Net Control Station, my name >>> Your Name Here <<<< my call sign is as follows >> callsign <<

Commencement / Opening
The Purpose of this Net (testing connectivity of DMR Repeaters worldwide)

Explanation of Net order
- EmComm (Emergency Communications Training) / Priority Traffic
- Short Check-In’s (Short in time or leaving the coverage area)
- Organized Check-In :

ITU Region Map

  • IARU R3 (Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand) 
  • IARU R1 (Europe, Northern Asia, Africa)
  • IARU R2 (North America and South America)
- Traffic (Announcements, News, Comments, Q&A) Closure
- Closure

Introduce as net Control Station (NCS) I am (Callsign, Name, QTH, Repeater site)
Information about the net is available at a shared blog ::
TinyURL was created!

  • An example of How to Check-In? (Use the phonetical alphabet, avoid doubling,
  • Example Check-in: CALLSIGN, John Doe, location,   ( Traffic/No traffic )

........Starting the NET.......
EmComm / Priority Traffic call now

Short Check-In’s call now (Short in time and stations leaving Coverage area shortly)

    Organized Check-In’s

    IARU R3 (because of differences in time)

    South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand
    • Southern Pacific - New Zealand - South Island/North Island, Tasmania,
    • Southern Pacific - Australia East : Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria
    • Southern Pacific - Australia West : Perth
    • Northern Pacific - Malaysia, Hong Kong, Tiawan (VR)
    Late Check-In for IARU R3

    IARU R1

    Africa, UK, Europe, North Asia
    • Northern Europe - United Kingdom/England, Ireland, Scotland,  
    • Northern Europe - Norway, Denmark, Scandinavia, Sweden, Finland (SM, OH, G, OZ) 
    • Western Europe - Netherlands, France, Laxenburg, Belgium, (PA, F, LX, ON)
    • Central Europe - Germany, Switzerland, Austria (DL, HB)
    • Eastern Europe - Czech Republic, Romania (OK)
    • Southern Europe - Italy, Greece, Malta, Sardinia, Portugal, Spain
    Late Check-In for Europe

    • Israel - Israel(Tel Aviv), Palestine, North East Africa (4X, E)
    • Africa - converted to BrandMeister
      • South East Africa, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban (ZS)
    Late Check-In for IARU R1 (Europe, Israel and Africa)

    IARU R2

    Canada, USA, Central America, South America

    Call Zones : The Number in the call signs for North America or Canada 

    ALL CANADA Check-ins
    *** then we move on to the USA

    Canada call signs number, that is the number in your call sign
     # in the call signs for Canada please come now

    Canada Amateur Radio CallSign Map

    • 0-2 Canadian International Waters, the Maritime Provinces, Quebec
    • 0-3 in the Canadian callsign come now (50% callsigns in Canada)
    • 0-9 in the call sign for Canada please come now

    United States
    United States call sign number, that is the number in your call sign
    # in the call sign for United States please come now

    ARRL USA Callzone Map

    • 1 in the call sign for US
    • 1-2 in the call sign for US
    • 1-3 in the call sign for US
    • 1-4 in the call sign for US
    • 1-5 in the call sign for US
    • 1-6 in the call sign for US
    • 1-7 in the call sign for US
    • 1-8 in the call sign for US
    • 1-9 in the call sign for US
    • 0 - Late CheckIns, Final checkins for All of Canada and USA
    Late Check-In Canada and USA

    Central America

      • Mexico (XE) [Merida,Cancun], Dominican Republic (HI), Curacao (PJ),

    South America

    South America by region west first then east

    • west - South America - Arica, Chile,  
    • east - South America - Brazil, Argentina (PP, PY, LU)

    Late Check-In for IARU R2 (Canada, USA, Central America, South America)

    • Aantarctica
    • Space Station
    • Earth
    Late Check-In’s Worldwide

    Traffic (News, Announcements, Comments, Q&A, New repeater sites ...)

    Closure ((Participant count) Thanks

    Website announcement, Forum:
    This talkgroup is now returned to normal use.


    Please refer to the Net Script for more detail.

    DMR-MARC Networked Repeaters - View Repeaters in a larger map

    Terms : this is net control "callsign", negative copy, please call now, first Call for, Second Call for, last Call for,

    updated :: VE3WZW 01/2017